The Retreat

A Short Story By Chris Johnson

The SPEKTRUM Concept

The SPEKTRUM Concept evolved quite fast into a working model for visual note identification but what it really boiled down to is that it helps you learn the notes on the guitar and where they are if you learn the fretboard, instead of learning all the notes at first, you start off learning where all the red notes are and then build from there... for example... so... pretty straight forward, it's just starting with A as the alpha and G as the major zed. Cross it with a basic color wheel...

In order to begin, we must start at the beginning...
Over twenty years ago, Chris Johnson started to really play and learn guitar.

From there the pursuit of graphic and audio/visual arts and writing led
Chris Johnson to grow artistically and it shows through the podcast below...

Open Podcast

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A Book By Chris Johnson

The story of an introverted programmer, working as a cook in a pizza place, who builds his dream computer to find himself facing an unusual series of events which involve a pop star, whom he's been infatuated with for years.
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